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Technology Update: CleanCut Reduces HAZ For Optimal Material Processing

Laser Photonics strives to improve and develop technology to help reduce costs, improve material processing and increase productivity for manufacturers. One of the many proven, proprietary laser cutting material processing technologies is CleanCutTM.

CleanCut Technology
CleanCut Technology eliminates burns around corner areas (potentially weakening the material) caused by conventional laser cutting methods; delivering the lowest Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) available. 


What is HAZ and Why It Matters

The heat-affected zone (HAZ) is the area between the melted part and the unaffected base metal that undergoes chemical and structural change. It can be identified by colored bands (caused by oxidation) and near welds that indicate the temperature the metal reaches. Blue can be 1000 F and yellow can be as low as 500F. In manufacturing, HAZ depends mostly on three factors:amount of heat applied, length of time exposed to heat and the area affected. The wider the beam, higher the energy and longer the time, the higher the HAZ.

Heating caused by the cutting process (and the rapid cooling) affect the metal. Some effects, like oxidation, are noticeable while other effects are not. Corrosion and embrittlement can occur and can cause the metal to crack, harden and become weaker. 

Plasma and oxyacetylene cutting produce some of the highest HAZ, while waterjet, shearing and laser cutting provide the lowest. Laser cutting provides the lowest HAZ for all thermal cutting techniques. 

Manufacturers and fabricators want the lowest HAZ when cutting metals. Precision cutting and leaving the metal unaffected is most critical in certain industries like aerospace, automotive, military and medical.

Laser Photonics' CleanCut technology reduces HAZ by keeping the laser beam slim (adaptive Thin-to-Thick Beam Shaping), consistent beam path (simple beam delivery), and uses high pressure gas assist (N2, Ar or O2) to provide a perfect cut, lowest HAZ, and the highest quality edges in the industry - and is particularly effective on highly-reflective materials including aluminum, copper, bronze and steel

Laser Cutting metal with CleanCut Technology
Large map of the United States was cut out of metal using the Titan Series Fiber Laser System. The intricate cuts of the Eastern seaboard demonstrate the precision and clean cuts created by Laser Photonics' fiber laser cutting equipment.


Video Cutting Stainless Steel Video Cutting Aluminum


Laser Photonics’ Systems that feature CleanCut Technology:

Titan FLS  -  Titan Express  -  Fiber Laser Cutting Robots  -  Link PLCS

SBM1200FL  -  SBM2800FL  -  The PLASDEX™ Laser Cutting System


CleanCut, along with Laser Photonic's other proprietary technologies, make the absolute best industrial laser cutting systems and laser equipment. Laser Photonics is the innovator, developer and manufacturer of cutting edge, industrial grade laser equipment; including laser cutting, laser marking, laser engraving, laser cleaning, and laser 3D metal printing (additive manufacturing). Laser Photonics laser equipment is installed in industries including aerospace, military, fashion, manufacturing, fabricating, marine, scientific, medical, automotive, glass, electronics, tooling and more.