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APPLICATION: Laser Cutting Fabrics, Leather & Textiles

Clothing Manufacturers Use Laser Cutting to Quickly Move from Catwalk to Retail

Today’s fashion trends can change as fast as a street light on Fifth Avenue. Clothing manufacturers are using laser cutting as a primary method to decrease the production time from designer to store shelves.

clothing manufacturers rely on laser cutting machines to increase speed of production, reduce costs, eliminate waste and to keep up with the fashion trends

Manufacturers see the many advantages of lasers in the cutting process such as reducing production costs, faster time to market, extreme accuracy, intricate designs, improved fabric handling, reducing material waste and a singular method used to cut many materials.

How Does It Work?
Laser cutting works by focusing a high powered laser onto a material. The beam cuts without pressure on the fabric – very important for delicate materials like silk. The laser cuts with speed and precision while the heat from the cut seals the fabrics edges – preventing fraying.

Laser Photonics laser cutting machines speed the manufacturing time from runway to broadway.
Advantages of Laser Cutting Garments:
  • No Mechanical Contact with Fabric
  • Easily Cuts Intricate Shapes
  • Edges are Sealed During Cutting
  • Laser Works With Stretch Fabrics
  • Loss of Material is Minimal
  • High Accuracy – Intricate Designs
  • Excellent Cut Quality
  • High Processing Speeds
  • Very Narrow Heat Affected Zones

the fashion industry is using laser cutting machines such as the titan series from laser photonics to create shoes, belts, and other fashion accessories

Materials - limited only by imagination!

State of the Industry
Laser cutting of garments is more than a fashion trend, it has become a mainstay of today’s modern designer and manufacturer alike – and the consumers are buying into it!

Fast Fashion - laser cutting speeds production of fashion from designer to retail shelf
There are many laser cutting applications beyond the runway, such as military clothing/elements, aerospace suits/textiles, automotive seats/interiors, interior design, medical applications, large format fabrication - sails, tents and industrial applications.
Titan Series Laser Cutting Machines
Titan Express is an excellent laser cutting machine for a smaller clothing manufacturer

Laser Photonics has installed laser cutting machines for the fashion industry throughout the world. The Titan Series has proven to be the ideal cutting machine and now the Titan Express allows smaller fabric manufacturers the same advantages for less space and less money. Learn More

Titan Series Fiber Laser Cutting System - ideally set for large production and manufacturing of many materials

The Titan Series direct drive magnetic motion system allows for smoother motion, higher acceleration speed of the cutting head, less stress and vibration on the carriage frame, a lower system weight, and decreased maintenance requirements. There simply are no ball screws, belts or gears to deteriorate or break down.

The Titan Series  offers a unique combination of

  • a large cutting area: 4' x 4' - 6' x 12'
  • a Direct Drive Motion System
  • high peak power
  • Low power consumption
  • Smallest HAZ in idustry
  • ideal beam quality
  • Latest generation lasers
  • Easy installation & operation
  • Fully self contained class 1system

Manufacturers typically discover that Laser Photonics systems are not only perfect for cutting materials, they take up very little floor space and offer the fastest cycle times, thereby increasing production rate. Overall cost, speed, and quality improve immediately.

Top reasons that fashion industry manufacturers choose the Titan Series

  • Saves money -  consumes less than 5% of the power required by conventional C02 laser systems
  • Cuts highly-reflective metal
  • Adaptive thick-to-thin beam shaping adjusts dynamically to material thickness
  • Maintenance-free, requires no consumables
  • Industrial-grade reliability: 100,000 hours MTBF

Application in Action
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Free Sample Processing
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