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Affordable Laser Engraving Machine for Under $20K

laser engraving machine the affordable little giant laser marking and laser engraving machine from laser photonics laser engraving video of a knife being laser engraved by a laser engraving machine by laser photonics
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Looking for an affordable laser engraving workhorse that easily fits in your shop and in your budget? Check out the Little-Giant from Laser Photonics. The LaserTowerLittle-Giant is a powerful laser engraving and marking machine that offers versatility, longevity and value.
The Little-Giant is designed to create laser engraving and laser markings such as UID barcodes, logos, serial numbers, product IDs, compliance numbers, labels and more on a wide variety of surfaces and materials. Learn more about the Little-Giant laser engraving machine on our website or contact us today - by email or phone! 407-477-5618
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Laser engraving on steel for laser parts marking - laser engraving machine Laser etching on anodized aluminum made with a laser engraving machine from laser photonics laser marking on aluminum laser marking machine laser engraving machine, CAT equipment laser marking


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Laser Photonics offers a full line of laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, laser cleaning machines and laser engraving machines
The Laser Photonics brand is the industry leader in developing high-tech Fiber, UltraFast, UV, CO2 and Green laser systems. Laser Photonics specializes in advanced, innovative, latest generation laser systems, processes and technologies. We have delivered laser machines to many industries worldwide such as defense, government, aerospaceautomotive, biotech, fashionmedicalmanufacturing, food processing and many more. Contact us to learn more about our laser 3D metal printing (additive manufacturing), laser cuttinglaser marking, laser engraving, laser etching, laser cleaning, cold laser marking, and laser deep engraving systems. 
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