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Application #651
Process: Laser Cutting
Material: Steel

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Backlit Button/Panel Multicoat Paint Removal

Backlit Panel Paint Removal

Advancements in Q-switched Fiber Laser Technology has lead to extraordinary results in the processing of Day/Night Buttons; commonly referred to as Backlit Buttons. This laser application requires the utmost precision due to fine ablation requirements of a multi-level coating process.

Backlit Button Processing: Typically, a clear button or panel is covered with both a white paint layer and a black paint layer. The black paint is removed to allow white paint to show through with extremely high contrast. The Fiber Laser's small spot size (true TEMoo beam profile) and high repeatability vaporizes the first layer of paint to allow light to pass through without causing any damage to the plastic. Success is measured in full paint removal and zero pin holes, which can be a daunting task for many other laser system manufacturers.

Laser Processing Backlit Buttons Video

Fiber Laser Marking System removing
painted surface for backlit panel.

Backlit Button Results: Excellent results can be achieved with a Q-switched Fiber Laser on backlit and radio buttons for a variety of automotive applications. High brightness and contrast are typical for dark paint removal from multilevel paint on clear acrylic. The uniqueness of the fiber laser for this specific application is that the Fiber Laser completely replaces the Green beam process while adding unmatched reliability and simplicity to the process.

Backlit Button Applications: In the applications listed below, the paint was removed from the plastic parts using a Fiber Laser Marking System. Several different laser parameters were tested and were able to completely remove the paint. The move delays and the focal distance were optimized in order to produce a more uniform paint removal without causing any melting of the plastic.

Application Listing

Application #268
Process: Paint Removal
Material: Backlit Button

Application #290
Process: Paint Removal
Material: Backlit Button

Application #347
Process: Paint Removal
Material: Backlit Button

Application #340
Process: Paint Removal
Material: Backlit Button

Application #341
Process: Paint Removal
Material: Backlit Button

Application #342
Process: Paint Removal
Material: Backlit Button

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