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Glass Cutting Laser

Glass Cutting Laser with Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology

Each glass cutting system is designed around your application needs using our patented Zero Width Laser Cutting TechnologyTM ( ZWLCTTM TM) which produces virtually the cleanest separation of glass at the molecular level. Zero Width Laser Cutting TechnologyTM is unlike any other, equipped with a non-dimensional cutting line allowing for the waste material to be eradicated. The ZWLCTTM method incorporates cooling of the glass surface following controlled heating, with the correct power density profile; this creates the intermolecular separation of the glass substrate to a certain depth. Laser Photonics' being an innovator in the laser industry for more than 30 years was the first to develop a laser scribing system with simultaneous laser scribe and break capabilities in order to singulate thin glass panels; specifically for Generation 6 and 8 glass panels and Color Filters.

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Lear more about Zero Width Laser Cutting TechnologyTM (ZWLCTTM) Here

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With the recent industry demand of glass cutting we are working alongside a variety of industries;



-Flat Panel Displays



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All Laser Photonics systems are proudly manufactured in the USA.

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