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Laser Photonics Launches the First Fully Integrated, Industrial Grade Fiber Laser Cutting System. The Titan FXi.

Laser Photonics is launching Titan FXi, a new product targeting the growing demand for compact, reliable and easy to use industrial-grade laser equipment for metal processing. The Titan FXi combines the most advanced technology with the smallest footprint and lowest cost of operation in industrial grade laser cutting.
With CO2 and most fiber laser cutting machines, manufacturers need to invest and install bulky chillers, expensive gas delivery systems, exhaust lines, power connections, and the large laser component. That can increase the required space to operate up to 40% more than the cutting unit itself. The valuable floor space gets bloated and each system requires separate, expert maintenance throughout its service cycle. The Titan FXi is fully integrated and requires only the power and exhaust connections.
Laser Photonics Titan Series Titan FXi fully integrated fiber laser cutting system
The innovative Titan FXi was developed by industry pioneers, making it the most advanced, industrial grade, fiber laser cutting machine on the market. The Titan FXi features the latest in fiber laser cutting technology, motion system technology and CNC controls - all in one efficient, space saving unit.  The fully integrated cutting system requires less floor space, less equipment to maintain and zero consumables to purchase. The Titan FXi features plug-n-play installation, simple and safe to operate and is virtually maintenance free.
Titan FXi comes standard with a latest generation Ytterbium 2kW fiber laser and is field upgradeable to 10kW with the optional coupler system.  The Titan FXi and our legendary Titan Series of fiber laser cutters all feature fully enclosed class 1 safety systems, software controlled CNC programming, smallest HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) in the industry, highest cutting quality, fastest cutting speeds, the most advanced motion system and the smallest power consumption in its class.  Titan Series laser cutting machines are available in 4X8, 5X10 and 6X17 with motorized single shuttle material handling system (optional dual shuttle available).
The Titan FXi was launched in response to demand from manufacturers who need more reliability, more speed, and more productivity from their metal processing equipment.  Starting today, Laser Photonics is taking orders for the brand new Titan FXi Laser Cutting System.
About Laser Photonics
The Laser Photonics brand is the industry leader in developing high-tech Fiber, UltraFast, UV, CO2 and Green laser systems. Laser Photonics specializes in advanced, innovative, latest generation laser systems, processes and technologies. We have delivered laser machines to many industries worldwide such as defense, government, aerospaceautomotive, biotech, fashionmedicalmanufacturing, food processing and many more. Contact us to learn more about our laser 3D metal printing (additive manufacturing), laser cuttinglaser marking, laser engraving, laser etching, laser cleaning, cold laser marking, and laser deep engraving systems.