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Application #584
Process: Laser Etching
Material: Steel

Fiber Laser Marking and Engraving Systems

Fiber Laser Marking Systems

FiberTowerTM 20 - the entry level Laser Marking System with 20 Watt CW Fiber Laser
FiberTowerTM Desktop - the entry level Laser Marking System with 20 Watt Q-Switched Fiber Laser
FiberTowerTM Compact- Industrial level Laser Marking System with 20 Watt Q-Switched Fiber Laser and programmable Z-Axis
FiberTowerTM XP - Most Popular Industrial level Laser Marking System with 20 to 50 Watt Q-Switched Fiber Laser and programmable Z-Axis
FiberTowerTM XP Plus -  Popular level Laser Marking System with oversize cabinet or rotary table with 20 to 50 Watt Q-Switched Fiber Laser and programmable Z-Axis
FiberTowerTM Megacenter -  Extra Size Marking System with X/Y/Z capabilities equipped by 20 to 50 Watt Q-Switched Fiber Laser and various options
FiberTowerTM Little Giant - Fully equipped with a 20watt Q-switched Fiber Laser(1060NM) fiber laser offering maintenance free operation for well over five years


FiberTower Series Flyer

Fiber Tower™ Series

FiberTower™ Series is the new generation of Fiber Laser Material Processing Systems for Direct Parts Marking, UID (Unique Identifier), and Deep Engraving. It is the most advanced, compact, industrial grade, mid size, Fiber Laser Marking and Engraving systems available on the market.  FiberTower™ series employs the new generation of solid state Ytterbium fiber laser systems of near infrared spectral range (1060-1080nm) with a unique combination of high peak power, ideal beam quality, fiber delivery and highest electro-optical wall-plug efficiency

These laser systems possess a reliability that is unmatched by any other kind of solid state or gas laser systems. Wide selectivity of operating wavelengths, ultra-low amplitude noise, high stability and ultra-long pump diode lifetime complete an impressive list of advantages of these modern fiber laser systems.

The result is a cutting-edge system that can be integrated into any production line at a cost reduction of nearly 25% over traditional Fiber Laser Systems. Considering the cost reductions of no consumables and low power consumption, the FiberTower™ Series Laser Systems is now the most cost effective, eco-friendly and flexible apparatus of Direct Parts Marking, UID, and Deep Engraving in the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Defense, Semiconductor and other markets. Notice the range on this series of products, reaching a multitude of industries covering various application needs. Not only can this series match 80% of all industrial applications but it will save any consumer money on operating cost and proves the most affordable system on the market.

The FiberTower™ Series Equipment is safe, compact, and service-free, designed to meet individual marking needs with the ability to mark a wide variety of materials using many different techniques including Direct Parts Marking (DPM) of alphanumeric, logos, serial numbers, part numbers, lot and date codes, schematics, graphics, deep engraving and more.  It can be delivered as a stand-alone system that can be integrated into any production line or with full turnkey workstations.


  • Wide range of file formats
  • Fiber optic beam delivery systems
  • Access from the front and both sides
  • Simple operation panel
  • Auto focus marking head (optional)
  • Built in parts and parameters library
  • Remote diagnostics, control and operation
  • Multilingual software and help support
  • Remote training, support, diagnostics, system restore and software upgrades
  • Integrated Red diode pointer for easy set-up
  • Intuitive programming with no necessity to know any programming languages
  • No laser service knowledge required from the operator
  • No re-education required for experienced marking equipment operators
  • No alignment after optics replacement
  • No beam delivery systems maintenance
  • No replacement parts on laser necessary
  • Ease of installation allows for quick start-up
  • Less then 5 minutes emergency laser replacement procedure




  • Highest marking quality available from 1.06 mkm lasers due to the Excellent beam quality (M2 < 1.05) - TEM 00 beam profile
  • multi functional laser marking and engraving on the same laser WITH A natural ability to mark and engrave the intricate jobs with 5% of power As well as mark and deep engrave taught materials.
  • Designed for maintenance-free Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications
  • Designed to operate under high shock, vibration & dust conditions
  • Oversized openings for larger working areas
  • Compact footprint designs
  • Small spot sise diameter – 100 mkm or less, 50% smaller than conventional laser systems
  • PC with user-friendly software, flat panel monitor, mouse and keyboard
  • Easily reconfigured for direct installation into a production line
  • Low maintenance systems with No laser maintenance required
  • Lowest operating cost among all laser types
  • No laser service required
  • Lowest running and maintenance costs on the market.
  • Negligible 5 to 10 times less power consumption than the competition.
  • Save valuable work and floor space, The unit has a small footprint, is Ethernet ready and Plug- &-Play capable.
  • No optical systems alignment, no laser service necessary
  • More than 50,000 hours MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure)



  • State-of-the-art, Air Cooled, Ytterbium Fiber Laser up to 2 mJ or 200W marking on virtually any material (metals, plastics, ceramics, etc) suitable for 1064 nm wavelength
  • Latest Generation q-switched or cw Ytterbium Fiber laser with up to 10 mJ per pulse or 1.000 Watt CW
  • Fastest marking speed on the market for comparable systems
  • Most Compact Design on the market for its application
  • Small spot size diameter – 100 mkm or less, 50% smaller than conventional laser systems
  • Programmable z-axis
  • Unique ability to mark and engrave highly reflective materials such as aluminum, brass, and copper.
  • High performance / cost ratio.
  • Processes most commonly used materials for 1064 nm laser wavelength.
  • Hinged door with laser safe viewing window
  • Multi functional laser marking and engraving on the same laser WITH A natural ability to mark and engrave the intricate jobs with 5% of power As well as mark and deep engrave taught materials.
  • Most advanced fiber lasers on the market
  • Air-cooled operation 
  • 3D marking capability (optional)
  • Wide varity of options for 90% of industrial marking and engraving applications
  • Class 1 safety enclosures
  • Mechanical shutter with hardware and software redundancy for most stringent safety environments
  • Ethernet ready and Plug- &-Play capable
  • Pass through for integration into a production line
  • Modular design for instant replacement of any functional part helping to minimize down time


Application Listing

Application #277
Process: Laser Marking
Material: Steel

Application #335
Process: Laser Marking
Material: Aluminum

Application #381
Process: Laser Engraving
Material: Steel

Application #408
Process: Laser Marking
Material: Anodized

Application #504
Process: Laser Marking
Material: Plastic

Application #521
Process: Laser Marking
Material: Stainless Steel

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