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Handheld Hits The Mark For Heavy Equipment Etching and Marking

Do you have heavy equipment or assets in the field that need to be marked? Parts too big for regular marking machines? Don't bring them in to be marked, take the mark to them! The MarkStarPro is the rugged and remote laser marking solution you need.

The MarkStarPro is a portable-hand-held 3D fiber laser marking system designed to create industrial grade marks, barcodes, QR, logos, UDI/UID barcodes out in the field or around the facility - without having to breakdown parts to fit into a marking machine or using an inferior solution. With MarkStarPro, it’s easy to create permanent, high performance marks - that meet industry and regulatory standards - on virtually any surface. 

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MarkStarPro Industrial Grade Fiber Laser Features:
  • Maintenance-Free Direct Part Marking (DPM) requiring no consumables
  • Continuous operation under high-shock, vibration, and dust conditions
  • 12V/24V DC power source-110V/220V AC power source
  • 20W Q-Switched Fiber Laser
  • Red-Diode Pointer
  • Galvo Scan Head with 100mm F-Theta Lens (2” x 2” marking area)
  • 2” x 2” processing chamber (option: 4″ x 4″ chamber)
  • USB Port supporting Windows 7/FiberScan C3 LT
  • Industrial-grade laptop PC includes software
  • Wide range of pulse durations, high-repetition rates and peak powers
  • Class 4 laser-rated safety viewing port
  • Laser “ON” locked footpad contact for operator safety
  • Mini-Exhaust Ventilator
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50 degrees C
  • Flexible 3 Meter Optical Fiber Cable
  • Weight: Handheld unit 10 pounds / Total system weight 35 pounds

The MarkStarPro system produces a wide variety of permanent, legible, non-removeable marks on a wide variety of materials and applications.

Materials Processed by MarkStarPro:
  • Aluminum:
  • Stainless Steel and Mild Steel
  • Titanium and Nickel 
  • Copper and Brass
  • Polycarbonate/Polypropylene 
  • Painted Metal Alloys 
  • Coated Plastic/Plastic
  • Rubber and Silicon 
  • Nylon/Valox
  • Multi-Coated Materials
  • Galvanized Metals 
  • Chrome and Cast Iron
MarkStarPro Handheld Applications: 
  • 2D UDI/UID Barcodes
  • Sequential Serial Numbers
  • Lot Codes and Date Codes
  • Medical/Automotive Coding
  • IC Chip Package Marking 
  • Part Numbering
  • Surface Annealing/Etching
  • OCR Code Marking  
  • Alphanumeric Marking 
  • Logos and Schematics
  • Ablation: (Anodized/Painted/Coated)
  • Complex graphics/pictures
  • Paint removal  

Video of MarkStarPro

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