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New Laser System Cuts Through Challenges Facing Medium Sized Manufacturing & Fabricating!

The Titan Express, newest member of the Titan Series from Laser Photonics, will help your business slice through the challenges of today’s manufacturing and unlock tomorrow’s opportunity. The innovative fiber laser cutting system that gives lean manufacturing the agility and responsiveness never before seen in a size that fits your facility and budget.
Titan Express. Industrial laser cutting system with a smaller footprint and lower costs.

The Titan Express offers manufacturers many benefits:

  • Small Footprint – ¼ the of Larger Machines
  • 1/3 the Price of Large Laser Cutting Systems
  • Minimal Installation Cost
  • Direct Drive Motion System - High Acceleration for Intricate Designs
  • Readily Operated by CNC Operator – Full G-Code Controls
  • Excellent for Cutting Highly Reflective Metals
  • Easy Loading and Unloading
  • Eliminates Maintenance, Material Waste and Costly Down Time
  • Environmentally Friendly – Green and Reduces Energy Consumption
  • Increases Throughput from Concept to Production
  • Made and Supported in the USA

“We developed the Titan Express to give small to medium manufacturers a competitive advantage that was once only available in large machines.” Said Fonon Technologies CEO, Dr. Dmitriy Nikitin. “Companies can now focus on innovation and production for their customers.”

Laser Photonics and the Titan Express give you the cutting edge technology you must have to handle what the future delivers and gives you the competitive edge you need – today. Call us at 407-477-5618 or click below for more information or to place your order of the NEW Titan Express Fiber Laser Cutting System

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All Laser Photonics systems are proudly manufactured in the USA.

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